Best Way To Clean The Stairs

When it comes to cleaning your house

; one of the places you cannot avoid is stairs because they are regularly used so they are likely to be dirty always.

The stairs are also complicated to clean because of the corner and edges. Debris and dirt particles always take advantage of this stairs.

Vacuum cleaners are always the best in cleaning the stairs. First, you should remove large pieces of paper or other debris on the stairs. You can do this by use of hands.

What you should do is basically picking up anything that may clog your vacuum cleaner.

Then start with the edges and the corners, remove the large attachments at the end of the vacuum cleaner.

The smaller nozzle area serves best by getting into the corners, this is when attachment like crevice tools come in handy.

Work your way up the stairs working with nozzle around each and every step. Mostly you should focus on the corners and where the risers and tread meet.

You should then vacuum around the circumference of each baluster as you walk back down to the bottom, and replace the vacuum attachments.

You should run the vacuum back and forth over each step covering the entire area. The turn the attachment upside down and work it over the vertical part of the step.

Use up and down motion to ensure that you cover every centimeter or inch. Work your way up the stairs in the same manner.

The best way is to Vacuum the horizontal and then the vertical part of each step. Check the stairs when you are done, stand back and check for any part you may have missed.

Admire your efforts after that.


When choosing or buying a vacuum cleaner for stairs You should point out the floor material e.g. hardwood stairs always need a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle to protect finishing your stairs when you clean.


Lightweight vacuum cleaners are always the best while cleaning the stairs because you are needed to lift them up when moving up to clean the stairs.

Measurement is another thing to consider.

Long piped and wide bagged vacuum are always the best because you don’t lift the vacuum many times.

Cleaning Stairs


If in the house you have pets that shed hair or you want to track dirt and crumbs you will definately need a vacuum cleaner with strong suction.

A vacuum cleaner with higher suction power will determine how many passes it takes to lift fur and debris.

A vacuum cleaner added a brush roll which lift dirt and debris and sweeps them into suction inlet are the best because they prevent surface to be hard hence one pass is enough while cleaning.


A vacuum cleaner with a flexible hose can allow you reach further places plus it can also bend so you can thoroughly suction the debris around the corners without any difficulties.

A vacuum cleaner with a big cup, the fewer times you need to empty it.

All these features will save your time.


A vacuum cleaner with a power cord is another thing to look for. A battery powered vacuum cleaner should offer a sufficient run time between charge, so you can entirely stair case in one fell swoop compared to electric where you change switches every time you move to a new position.


A vacuum cleaner with low power consumption (1500-1700w) is the best because it won’t cost you a lot.


Some vacuum cleaners are so noisy that when you are cleaning everyone will know and even you cannot listen to anything else. Always when buying, first listen to the level of the noise it produces.

A vacuum cleaner should not produce noise above 80db


A presence of motor protection is essential in a vacuum cleaner because it prevent it from overheating. If the temperature approaches the critical point, the vacuum cleaner should shut down.


It is important because it protect the engine of the vacuum cleaner from overloads.


Laminate Flooring Guide

Laminate flooring is as a reult of composite wood pressed together with high temperatures (hence the process of lamination).

Laminate is becoming popular amongst many home owners due to its durability and easy installation.

It has featured in many homes due to its low cost of maintenance thus very budget friendly.

Applications for laminate flooring:

  • Dining rooms
  • Living rooms
  • Hallways

 Due to its water resistant capability, it is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Factors to consider when buying laminate flooring:


If the manufacturing process is of high quality, the durability of the floor will similarly last longer.


Laminate flooring materials will commonly range from $2 per square foot up to $10 square foot.

The more the expensive the material are, means you will get high quality laminate flooring.

It is advisable to look for reputable company with a good background of laminate flooring.

Buying Guide: Best Guide For Your Next Vacuum For Laminate Floors

Powerful motor

A powerful motor will enable the suction head to pick up dust efficiently. Thus the suction power will be greatly enhanced.


A lightweight vacuum cleaner is the best for your home especially if you need to move a lot around the house.

Bag or bagless ?

Another very important feature to look for in a vacuum cleaner is presence of a bag.

Bagless vacuum cleaners are commonly used due to their simplicity. On the other hand, people with allergies are advised to go for a bagged vacuum.

PRO TIP: Go for flexibility, modern vacuums are designed to reach hard spots such as edges and corners.

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