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My name is Aleen and I am the creator of musehousepress.com, your number one stop site for all your Craft, Home and Garden needs; may it be tips/how to or in-depth product reviews.

I own a garden at my backyard which I spend several hours daily. This has enabled me discover 1000s of hacks that am willing to share with you ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Furthermore, what matters to me most is my home. I spend most of my time at my house with my two kids. Over the years, I have invented/discovered 1000s of DIY hacks.

I am also into crafting and trying new things. Lately, I am reviewing products related to my daily activities i.e. Gardening, Crafting, DIY hacks.

While you are on this site, feel free to try all the DIY hacks and other tips that suites you.

You are all Welcome