Creative DIY Hacks to Improve Your Home

It is not uncommon for most people to spend a significant portion of their time and money to maintain their homes; whether rented or owned. On average, most people will spend 13 hours every week performing household chores in addition to an average spending of $2,000 on house maintenance costs. With the tough economic environment, this can add a toll to financial difficulties already being experienced by many households.

On average, most people will spend 13 hours every week performing household chores in addition to an average spending of $2,000 on house maintenance costs. With the tough economic environment, this can add a toll to financial difficulties already being experienced by many households.

However, keeping doesn’t have to cost you such amounts of money and time which most people can’t even afford. We have summed up 6 creative DIY hacks that can help you improve your home. They will not only save you money but also precious time as well as your sanity.

Dealing with candle wax

If you or your kids spill candle wax on a shaggy carpet or piece of furniture, there are better DIY ways of dealing with it without running the risk of ruining the furniture or carpet scrapping the wax off. To begin with, if the wax spilled on a piece of furniture; place a plastic bag filled with ice cubes over the wax and let it stay for a couple minutes. When the wax has fully cooled and hardened, you can now pick it much easily minus the risk of ruining your piece of furniture.

On the other hand, if you spill hot wax on a shaggy carpet, there is no need to panic because there is an excellent way of getting rid of the wax as well. All you need to do is simply place a paper bag over the wax and lightly use a steam iron over the area. The steam will lift the wax up from the carpet and it will cling on the bag solving your problem.

Using toothpaste to remove small scratches on furniture

For many reasons, most furniture ends up having small scratches from time to time. For some people, these may be unpleasant that they would end up spending heavily to have the furniture reconditioned or refinished.

However, before you spend hundreds of dollars reconditioning your couch, there is an easy DIY hack you can try to remove the small scratches on your furniture. Use a pea-size amount on non-gel toothpaste to rub on the scratch using a circular motion until the scratch buffs off.  Clean the remainder of the paste using a damp towel and your furniture will be looking great as new.

Another DIY hack you can use to protect your couch especially from cat scratches is using an aluminum foil. If there is a specific part of your couch that your cat is fond of clawing at, covering it with aluminum foil creates uncomfortable sensation against the cat claws which deters further scratching in the future.

Preventing wall damage using a tennis ball

Some doors just can’t open gently! They end up causing a lot of damage to the wall that can be expensive to repair in the long run. Nonetheless, there is an easy and quick solution that can help prevent this continuous banging on your walls. All you need to do is cut a slit through a tennis ball and wrap it around the knob of the offending door. The tennis ball will cause the door to bounce off the wall every time it is opened thereby helping prevent and damage to the walls.

Using a vanilla bean to freshen up your house

Air fresheners are popular than ever in many households. While everybody yearns for a fresh smelling house or office, commercial air fresheners are leaving a trail of respiratory conditions and eye irritation thus doing more harm than good.

Fortunately, there is a better and cheaper alternative to keep your house smelling fresh. Simmer a vanilla bean in 2 cups of water. You can also add some cinnamon cloves if you want the scent to be spicier. This is one of the best natural ways of perfuming your house without running the risk of respiratory illnesses. It is also way cheaper than using commercial air fresheners.

Using furniture sliders on flowerpot bottoms to prevent scratches

Nothing works better in brightening any home as plants do. Every home owner’s dream is to have several flowerpots around the home to create a homely and welcoming ambience e However, heavy flower pots can be trouble to move around especially for the elderly and also because they often scrap the surface they are sitting on.

This may cause damage to your floors as well as windowsills that can be expensive to repair. To avoid this kind of damage from flower pots, all you need to do is simply place furniture sliders under the pots. This will not only ensure your floors are scratch free but also they are convenient when you need to move your flower pots.

Getting rid of crayon marks from walls using a hairdryer

If you have kids, there is a big likelihood that your walls sometimes act like their personal crayon canvas. Sometimes it can be too much that you may need to repaint your walls. However, before the situation gets that dire, there is something you always do to keep the crayon marks on your walls in check.

Using a hairdryer, heat the parts of the wall with crayon marks for a couple of seconds. The heat from the hairdryer helps soften the crayon wax which then you can easily wipe off with a piece of soft cloth.

The 6 creative DIY hacks will not only improve your home but can deliver thousands of dollars in maintenance costs savings over the years.

Additionally, they help maintain your home’s resale value without you having to put in a lot of money. Some of these hacks make regular household chores easier to perform and they would take every less time per week.

You will thus be left with plenty of time to focus on the things that really matter such as work or having ample family time with your loved ones.