Best Gas Grill Under 150

We all know the feeling of being outdoors either in camping, BBQs, hiking, or tailgating. This excitement is never usual without a proper BBQ checklist.

Outdoor gas grill are the perfect solutions for outdoor events. They come equipped with features primarily for perfect grilling. Most of them have a stainless steel grills and larger cooking surfaces. This is ideal for hosting many outdoor adventurers.

They are light weight, and you can take them anywhere for big and versatile meals.

Check out our 6 Best Gas Grills Under $150

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As the name of this gas grill suggests, it is a motor –home grill which can be moved easily.

Flame king grill is RV and trailer compatible. It comes with an inbuilt bracket for mounting on the side of your motorhome.

The grill is incredibly easy to use and perfect for more jobs using its 214 square inches grilling surface. It is hotter, produces 12000 BTU and has an adjusting flame controller allowing you to set and control the amount of heat.

Your safety is taken care off, this grill unit is secure to use as it has locking retainer pins to secure the mounted bracket and dual locking lid for secure storage.

The grill has hanging racks which can be used as stands to support the grill so it won’t fall and burn everything around. This feature makes it the ideal choice for boating, camping and tailgating.


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The 14000BTU has a U shape burner which is 354 square inches translating to a bigger grilling surface .The gill has a closing stainless steel lid that ensures the food is cooked evenly.

The gas grill is adjustable in terms of temperature so that more food can cook at the pace you want. The gas grill come along with mounting bracket on the right side which simultaneously secures a gas distribution to the firebox and support the frame of the gas grill.

The gas grill is easily portable weighing only 20 pounds. With the piezo -ignition system there is no need for external power source.

The gas grill has folding support legs which can be folded thus making it a good choice for camping.

The gas grill has a grease tray which traps the grease for quick cleaning keeping your grilling area always clean.  


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This grill unit is made of stainless body and lid construction. It also has a grill which is made of stainless steel with a cooking surface of 305 square inch. The grill is perfect for grilling and searing because it has 10, 0000 BTU power system, not forgetting the side access grease tray.

The product come along with   perfect features made for portability; it is designed in such a way you can fold the legs and latching hood for easy carrying, it is lightweight with just 20 pounds.

Fueled by propane, Pit Boss operates on 1lb cylinder and you have the total control of the heat using its dome thermometer. The grill is easy to use, you just light it by push button ignition .Take this Pit Boss anywhere, whether you are camping, picnics, backyard parties or BBQ this is your portable grill solution.


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The Cuisinart CGG 180 has 160 square inches of porcelain enameled grate for a spacious surface for cooking. The food is cooked evenly and efficiently using 5500 BTU.

The gas grill has features which make it lightweight and portable; it weighs 17 pounds which is more lightly compared to other gas grills in our list. It has a size of 19x 11.5 x 10 inches which make it ideal for events such as balconies, tailgating, patios, camping, hiking, fishing and more.

Its legs can be folded for it to be moved easily .And what is more interesting when it is folded it can get a shape of a brief case and by using it handles it have, it get more easy to carry.

This unit features an integrated lid lock and pronounced briefcase-style carrying handle for easy and secure transport which allows easy set up. The design accommodates 4 to 6 people at once and more importantly has a telescoping stand for ideal cooking height.


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If you are looking for a gas grill which is easy to use and you are not good at electrical connectivity, this Cuisinart 306 is what you are looking for. This grill requires no assembling and needs no matches to ignite. The gas grill has control knobs for each of the two burners .Straight from the garage, you will set all this in under 10 minutes.

When you have a large gathering and want to grill different types of food, definitely this is your best choice, the gas grill has 2 stainless burner which provides 20000BTU all together thus more heat and food is cooked evenly .The gas grill also has a large grilling surface area for outdoor activities.

The gas grill is light in weight -22 pounds -, has foldable legs, locking cover and  a carry handle which make it easy to  be moved and even fit in a compact car.


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This product has a gas grill which is constructed with 300series marine grade stainless steel grill with 125 square inch cooking surface. The grill has a refillable tank which has a heat out of 9000BTU/Hr which is a perfect choice for burning your meat. The grill is also easy to clean.

This grill has a gas w/regulator by Camco -Compact which has 1 inch to 20 inches throwaway cylinder threads

For those who like camping or traveling by boat this is the ideal product to carry, it gives you the chance to enjoy your roast meat. It is portable with a weight of 8 pounds ‘perfect size for boats; it measures 20’*11.25’*11’.It can easily be easily mounted to any Kuuma rail rod or pedestal mount.

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