Best Heavy Duty Steam Iron

Anyone who wants to look sharp, their secret weapon is the Best Heavy Duty Steam Iron.

They are not necessary big and most of them can easily fit in your backpack.Using 1000 watt and above, more steam is produced compared to the ordinary steam irons and this will definitely remove toughest wrinkles.

Here are the 6 Best Heavy Duty Steam Irons

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Rowenta steam iron has more than twice steam compared to the traditional iron so making the steaming iron more effective .tThe steam uses 1800 watts which enhances the production of 80gm per minute which is higher thus achieving a perfect steaming.

The iron has an extra-large of 47oz, removable for cleaning and refilling which is visible so that you can check when water is too low or it reaches maximum capacity. This enhances 1.5 hours of continuous ironing for perfect pressing /ironing. It also has 5 bars of pressure which are ideal for removing wrinkles, drapes, smoothening and, shaping sewing or craft project.

The iron has a stainless steel soleplate with 400 micro steam which ensures even distribution of heat. They also have a  precision tip that allows one to iron even the hard places to iron like collars.

The iron is safe to use; it has a 3-way shut-off system which shut if left 30 seconds lying flat,8 minutes if left standing vertically. It has an anti-DRIP system that keeps away the deposing of minerals allowing you to use tap water. It also has an anti-scale function rinsing system.

The iron has ECO settings that save up to 20% of Energy thus reducing your cost on electricity The iron has steam control buttons that allow you to set the steam that fits your fabric.

This steam iron is easy to carry along and store because of its lock system. It also has a 1.9- meter power cord that allows you to steam even vertically.


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As the name suggests, the iron is reliable and professional indeed, the iron is so perfect for producing dry, quality and, pressured steam which is the fastest and most efficient way of ironing allowing the tough wrinkle and, hard clothes to iron and soften fast saving you a lot of time and energy.

The iron has a 1.4 L water tank with a maximum of 2.5 bar and a boiler which is made of high-quality materials that eliminate the rusting and contamination of water supply for quality steam. There are copper elements in the tank which are good conductors of heat and ensure even heat dispersion in the tank. The water capacity also ensures  2 hours of continuous steaming hence the professional output.

The iron is so safe to uses; it has 4 safety systems; a pressure switch, a  safety thermostat on a heating element, a safety cap with safety valves and,  low water temperature. The iron also has separate silicone rubber iron rest to put the iron if it has not been used so as not to burn the clothes or the surface.

The steam iron has an aluminum soleplate which is easy to clean. It has 6 inches steam hose for even distribution of steam while pressing.

The iron is very light, 3.9 Lb, and has a cork handle which makes you comfortable and full control of the iron while steaming. It has 12-gauge heavy-duty wiring which ensures more heat is carried to the iron for faster pressing.


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This iron is the most advanced and reliable for your pressing even on heavy fabrics, it has an anodized aluminum soleplate which is scratch-resistant. The hardest material that makes this iron is the best gliding material making it perfect for ironing hard clothes. 

The iron has a sensor touch, when you put your hand on the handle, it automatically starts the steam ready to ironing thus saving a lot of time, it also has an automatic setting which is safe for all fabrics you want to iron; it sets itself according to the fabric being iron. This reliable steam iron also has a turbo setting for heavier fabrics. 

The velocity has a vapor generator, with this dual heating element – water is heated before it reaches the soleplate. It also eliminates leaking and spitting while ironing.

It has  360 degrees swivel cord which ensures you can iron anything you want without hustling facing any direction. It also has an automatic shut-off system if left unattended which switches off for 8 minutes and if you want to iron again, it is ready to go – just touch the handle.


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Are tired you of ironing some fabrics because they are very tough to steam or iron? Don’t worry anymore, this steam iron has a clear LCD screen and 9 reset mode which sets the temperature that fits any fabric you are steaming so no burning clothes or worry about some tough clothes.

The iron has a double ceramic soleplate which is harder than stainless steel and which is scratch resistant and easier to clean for quality ironing. The double-layer ensures even heating on the soleplate and protects the delicate clothes.

Using 1800 watt, more steam is produced compared to some steam iron that can remove the toughest wrinkles. The iron has steam burst and water spray for more steam.

The iron is safe to use; it has a 3-way auto shut off system 30sec if left lying flat and 8 minutes if left vertically standing. It has an anti-drip system to prevent leaking and spitting while vertically ironing. It also has an anti-calc system to flush out mineral deposits from water.


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Are you looking for heavy-duty iron that is easy to use, here it is, the steam iron has a 7 temperature setting and fabric guide which guide you on where to set according to the fabric you are steaming, making everything so easy.

The iron has an aluminum soleplate which is scratch-resistant and easy to clean for quality ironing. Near the tip of the soleplate, there is a special groove that makes ironing of the hard place like collars or on buttons easier.

The steam iron is so safe, it has a 3way shut off system -if lying flat it shut for 30 seconds and while on it heel it shut for 8 minutes .it also has an off button which you can shut off if not using the iron .it also has power indicator which lights red if the iron is on.

It has an on/ off steam switch which you get to choose dry ironing and steam; you switch it on when you want to steam to remove tough wrinkles and switch off if want to dry ironing delicate clothes .it also has an anti-drip system while it is on which prevent leaking and splitting while ironing.


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This small steam iron measures 5×11.5×6 inches and lightweight of 0.64 ounces have a professional output on it steaming/ironing work. The iron has stainless steel soleplate which ensures glide smoothly on all fabric. And because of the comfortable handle and it’s small size, it makes you have full control of the iron.

It has a digital steam setting that enhances a higher amount of steam removing wrinkles in a short while.

It also has digital temperature control, it has a clear LCD screen that flashes-out if the temperature of the fabric being pressed has reached its marked temperature.

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