Best Mini Flat Irons For Short Hair

Looking for the best Flat Iron For Short Hair?

The flat mini irons are perfect for your hair in repairing, smothering and better shining.The flat irons have an adjustable temperature setting from 140 up-to 450 degrees F which allows you to set the temperature that fits your hair so you can achieve a perfectly sleek and smooth look

So, what are those things you need to consider when choosing the best flat iron for short hair?

Choose an iron that is ideal for travel; it should be lightweight, compact size for easier storage and use.

Here are the Best Mini Flat Irons For Short Hair

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This flat iron is perfect for your hair in repairing, smoothening and better shining. It has a glider that is designed with ceramic and tourmaline crystal ion plate which creates a silk finish on your hair.

It generates negative irons thus your hair won’t get burned in the process. It also allows smaller molecules of water to penetrate the hair to reduce frizz and static. The glide also takes care of all types of hair even the tough and frizzed one.

The ceramic plate has 8 micro-sensors which are heat balanced in which regulate the temperature and evenly distribute heat thus you are assured that the hair won’t get burned.

The flat iron has an adjustable temperature setting from 140-450 degrees F which allows you to set the temperature that fits your hair so you can achieve a perfectly sleek and smooth look for all types of hair. The iron has a style guide that helps you achieve the style you want.

The flat iron is perfect for traveling;  it is lightweight, it has 1-inch plate width which is wide for any hair and it is small to fit in a bag, it has a silk case with drawstring closure for easier transporting. It also has a small size argan oil leave-in treatment to help smoothen and protect tresses. It also comes with dual voltage compatibility of 110v-220v so you can use it anywhere you go.

It has an extra 360-degree swivel cord for more flexibility and to prevent getting damage to the cord while ironing. It also comes along with a heat-resistant glove to protect your hand against heat from the iron.

It can vary in its packaging, it comes in red or white packaging.


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Kapozi pencil as the name suggests is a small flat iron with extreme output in straightening especially for people with short hair, pixie cut, and beard.

The iron has 3/10 inches floating titanium plate which is gently contacted with your hair, not pulling a lot to avoid breakage, help reach the root and edges of the hair for better styling, and leave your hair smooth and shiny.

It has a plate that is evenly heat distributed to prevent frizzing of the hair and preserve hair moisture. Its plate is small in size which enhances the styling of versatile styles.

The flat is suitable for all hair because of its digital temperature setting which allows you to set the temperature that favors the type of hair you are ironing. It also comes with 5 heat setting that reaches up to 450 degrees F which heats up very fast. This gives you full control of the iron to achieve the output you want. If it is fine hair you set low heat, and if it is frizzed hair or curls you put more heat. 

It has an 8-inches extra-long,360 degrees swivel cord to avoid tangling and for comfortable ironing. It is lightweight, comfortable grip, and non-slip body frame which allows you to use the iron well without burning yourself or the hair for better output.                        

While traveling you don’t have to worry a lot about your hair any longer, the iron is dual voltage compatible, comes along with a velvet pouch for your comfort while traveling, its lightweight, and its small size makes it fit in any traveling bag. 

Sometimes we forget to switch off the iron, but don’t worry, the iron has an automatic shut-off system that shuts the iron after 60 minutes if the iron is left idle.


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Are you a frequent traveler and have short hair which is worrying you, the problem is now solved. The Babyliss flat iron has a size of 3,5Lx3.5’wx1’H which is a very compact size and lightweight for travels. It is an automatic dual voltage making it ideal to be used anywhere in this world. The dual voltage range from 100-220v.

It has 6 inches width1/2inch ceramic titanium plate which ensures that the hair is not much pulled to avoid breakage and style without negative ions being produced for better output on straightening your hair. The Neno titanium offers even heat distribution to avoid other places being hot than others so as not to burn your hair. it also heats up very fast to avoid time wastage and electricity.

The plate has a beveled edge that enables you to curl your hair. The iron reaches a temperature of 430 degrees F which allows you to have the output like curling your hair or style your hair.

The iron has 2 rubber grips on both sides to hold on them and in return helps avoid getting burning while ironing the hair or styling them.

The iron is shut manually, it has an on/off switch. It has a 6-foot inches cord that allows you to style your hair freely. The iron has no temperature setting but it gets hotter to straighten your curly hair in a short while.


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AmoVee is a small flat iron which accomplishes a lot of duties, it is great with bobs, face-framing, bangs, short hair, pixie cut, beard. The iron has a floating plate that helps you to achieve a lot of duties like straightening your hair, curl your hair, achieve sleek of your share, and even enhancing salon styles. 

The tourmaline plate of the iron allows the iron not to stick on the hair or prevent pulling of the hair and produces negative ions that help smoothen the hair and eliminate frizz of the hair. The plate is evenly heat distributed to avoid burning off hair in hotter places.

The iron is ideal for travel; it is a lightweight, compact size for easier storage. It also has a lock feature at the tail for easier storage and safe for use; to store – place your thumbnail on each side press the tip and slide switch at the base of the iron in and out to lock or unlock. The lock features allow the iron to be stored anywhere even in your purse.                                                                                                                                   

It is a dual-voltage compatible of 100-240v making it to be used anywhere you go.

The iron has a well-closed front of the plate and a little bit gap from the end, so they won’t warp out high pressure by pressing 2 plates together. The v-shape design expands the straightener’s life span.

It has a 360 degrees swivel cord that allows flexibility, not tangle, and allows free space to style your hair. The iron can reach 410 degrees F in 3 minutes so no wasting time while waiting for the iron to heat up.


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The Terviii iron has a tourmaline plate that produces negative ions when heating up which helps in a lot of its work; smoothen down, open hair cuticles, seal in your hair own natural oils and moistures your hair, prevent frizzing and, provide a sleek finish.

It comes equipped with a floating 3/10 inches thin plate that allows you to easily reach the root of your hair, tame edges. The plate can also be adjusted to any angle when styling to avoid pulling, breakage, and provide effortless styling. The plate has well even distributed heat to avoid burning the hair.

The flat iron is good for travels; it is dual voltage compatible between 100v and 240v, lightweight, small size with a premium velvet pouch for storing the straightener.

The iron is a money and energy saver, it has leading-technology heating modules that provide a 15seconds that heat ups to up 450 degrees F which is very fast.

The flat iron has variable temperature settings of 122 degrees F – 450 degree F and it also has a digital LCD panel that shows clearly the temperature that fits the thickness and texture of your hair.

It has a shut-off system that automatically shuts off after 60 minutes if left idle. So don’t worry if you forget to shut the iron.

The iron has 8 foot and a 360-degree swivel cord that allow free-styling and avoid tangling. 


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This Remington flat iron has been the most advanced technology to improve its work on your hair. The iron has  Anti-static technology to reduce the amount of negatively charged particles during styling with almost half the rate other flat iron produce for less static and flyways.

The iron has a titanium plate coating for fast heat up for styling. It heats up in 30seconds which is very fast saving time and electricity. The plate is 1- inch which is more longer compared to other flat iron for a smooth glide, quick styling, and less damage. 

The iron has digital controls and 6 heat settings which allows you to set the temperature that suits the thickens and texture of your hair. It also has an LCD temperature display that shows clearly the temperature that suits your hair. It has a range of 310 degrees F and 410 degrees F

The iron has a real-time saver, the iron has turbo boost function which is simple to work out. Simply press and hold the ‘’+’ button to quickly boost the flat iron to its highest heel for faster styling.

The iron has a hinge lock that helps protect the flat iron plate during storage. Its small size and light weight enable you to carry along so you can take care of your hair while traveling.

The iron has an automatic shut-off system that shuts after 60 minutes if the iron is left unattended. It also has a swivel cord that can rotate up to 360 degrees which allows freely styling and avoid tangling.


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