Best Power Wheelchair For Outdoor Use

For some people, enjoying the outdoors or running small errands is problematic because of their limited mobility.While there are many products promising to improve mobility, nothing beats the best power wheelchair for outdoor use.

Through years of design and innovation, these wheelchairs have evolved and can now boast of delivering a newfound independence and mobility to a lot of people.

Designed to offer comfort and convenience, these best power wheelchair for outdoor use are also customizable and are able to handle rough terrain.

The 7 Best Power Wheelchair For Outdoor Use

There are hundreds of power wheelchairs in the market currently but only a handful offer value for money. Here is a review of 7 of the best power wheelchair for outdoor use that combine comfort, smooth rides, distance and convenience. They include;

1.Horizon Mobility 2019 Fold & Travel Lightweight Motorized Electric Power Wheelchair Scooter

Key features

  • Lightweight construction using aircraft grade aluminum alloy.
  • Lithium-ion battery that provides over 13 miles of driving distance.
  • Brushless and powerful motor for long lasting use.
  • Pneumatic tires that provide smooth and comfortable rides.
  • Easy to detach controller and joystick.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Remote control capability.
  • Approved for air travel.

This Horizon Mobility wheelchair is one of best power wheelchair for outdoor use you will even come across. It comes with a comfortable seat and back cushion for lumbar support and maximum travelling comfort. Its frame is made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy making it extremely lightweight and easily portable. In addition, this power wheelchair comes with a seat belt and anti-tipper feature for extra support and safety. The padded armrests also play a great role in comfort and balancing weight for more comfortable movement.

The other attractive feature about this power wheelchair is the use of lithium-ion batteries. These provide an amazing 13 or more miles of travel on a single charge allowing you to easily carry any errands in your neighborhood without worrying of losing power. The brushless motor is also an excellent feature for this wheelchair as it requires minimal maintenance while providing enough power to the wheels. In fact, this wheelchair is able to navigate all manner of terrain comfortably because of the motor power and excellent wheels.

Furthermore, this wheelchair comes with a number of additional and convenient accessories including a controller joystick and Bluetooth remote control that enable you to control this wheelchair with much ease. This wheelchair is also approved for air travel making it a great choice to explore the world with.

It is for this excellent features that choose this to top our list of the best power wheelchair for outdoor use.

2.Bangeran Folding Ultra Lightweight Motorized Wheelchair

Key features

  • Brushless motor technology
  • Lightweight construction with the frame being made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy.
  • Capacity of carrying up to 265 lbs.
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery that provides up to12 miles of driving distance.
  • Intelligent and easy to use joystick.
  • Radio and USB port.

The bangeran power wheelchair is also another excellent choice when it comes to improving mobility and other top features. It uses the brushless motor technology which provides more power to the wheel allowing for faster speeds. As such, this wheelchair can easily tackle any terrain comfortably making it an ideal choice for outdoor use. It is also lightweight; weighing at only 45 lbs. which makes it easy to travel with considering that it is foldable for easy storage.

The other excellent feature about this Bangeran power wheelchair is the use of highly resilient and powerful lithium-ion batteries. These batteries provide up to 12 miles of driving distance making it an ideal choice for not only getting outdoors but also running errands. Moreover, you can double this distance by simply adding a second lithium-ion battery increasing the distance you can cover on a single charge.

This wheelchair also features a comfortable seat and back cushion which provide lumbar support. The armrests are also padded for improved comfort and also provide additional support to make your travel as comfortable as possible. It is easily controlled with an intelligent joystick with an LED display which adds to the fun and easy usability of this wheelchair. Entertainment is also not left out as this wheelchair comes with a radio and a USB port from where you can play your favorite music or listen to podcasts as you enjoy you explore the outdoors.

3.EZ Lite Cruiser Heavy Duty (HD) Deluxe DX12 Light Weight & Foldable Personal Mobility Aid

Key features

  • Durable yet lightweight frame construction that makes this power wheelchair easily portable.
  • Easy to fold and unfold for easy storage and portability.
  • Uses powerful lithium-ion batteries that deliver up to 10 miles of driving distance per charge.
  • Adjustable armrests that improve comfort and also allow for side access.
  • Removable seat cover which allows for easy cleaning.
  • 250 watt brushless motor which provides stronger propulsion.
  • Non-marking wheels that are also great for outdoor use.

Another great choice of a power wheelchair, this model also features lightweight frame construction which makes easier to store and carry. This wheelchair also folds for convenient storage without taking a lot of space. The seat is comfortable and comes with back cushions for lumbar support and comfortable travelling. Moreover, the seat cover is removable for easy cleaning.

The other things you will like about this wheelchair are the adjustable armrests. You can easily adjust the armrests for 2 reasons; to balance your body perfectly and to allow for convenient side access. This design makes the wheelchair accommodative of most of your needs making it one of the best choices you will come across.

Additionally, this wheelchair uses powerful and resilient lithium-ion batteries. These batteries deliver up to 10 miles of driving distance which can be doubled by adding a second lithium-ion battery. They give you the freedom to explore the outdoors as much as you want as well as give you the independence to run your errands freely. Furthermore, this wheelchair comes with high quality non-marking wheels which can be used indoors without causing damage to the floors.

4.Forcemech Voyager R2- Ultra Portable Folding Power Wheelchair

Key features

  • Lightweight construction; this wheelchair weighs at only 43 lbs.
  • Can carry weights of up to 265 lbs.
  • It is foldable for easy storage and portability.
  • Speeds of up to 4 mph.
  • Lithium-ion batteries that provide up to 16 miles of travel distance.
  • Polyurethane non flat wheels.
  • Detachable joystick and intelligent electromagnetic brake system.
  • 200W brushless electric motor.
  • FDA certified for air travel.

With a stylish design, this power wheelchair will give you the independence and mobility you need to enjoy the outdoors and run personal errands. It is lightweight and foldable making it easily portable and easy to store. In addition, this wheelchair is approved for air travel and therefore a reliable mobility partner wherever you need to be.

Among its amazing features is the 16 miles of travel distance the lithium ion batteries deliver per single charge. This is one of the farthest distances a power wheelchair can travel and this can be attributed to the powerful brushless electric motor. As such, you can accomplish more and enjoy the outdoors more with this power wheelchair than most other competitors. You also won’t have to worry about wheels as this wheelchair comes with non-flat polyurethane wheels which need no maintenance.

This wheelchair also travels at a comfortable 4 mph. The intelligent joystick controller works excellently in controlling speed and direction making this wheelchair easy and fun to use. Furthermore, it features an intelligent electromagnetic brake system for easy and comfortable braking making it safe to use anyone. All these features contribute to making this power wheelchair one of the safest, comfortable and best power wheelchair for outdoor use.

5.ComfyGO Best Rated Exclusive Deluxe XL Size Electric Wheelchair

Key features

  • Lightweight construction weighing at 64 lbs. with the battery included.
  • Capacity to carry up to 365 lbs.
  • FDA approved for air travel.
  • Bluetooth remote controller enabled.
  • Adjustable armrests.
  • Adjustable anti-tipper tires for increased safety.
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery that provides up to 13 miles of travel distance.
  • Foldable in a matter of seconds.
  • Intelligent electromagnetic brake system.
  • Breathable and removable seat and back cushions.

Designed to accommodate heavier weights, this power wheelchair uses aircraft grade aluminum frame to make it lightweight and easily portable. It also folds in about 5 seconds for quick storage or transportation. It is therefore a convenient and worthwhile choice for improved mobility and independence in carrying out personal errands or enjoying the outdoors.

This wheelchair has some of the most comfortable designs to make the rides as smooth and fun as possible. To begin with, its seat and back cushions are breathable and extra comfortable. They provide maximum support to the back eliminating instances of backache or fatigue when using this wheelchair. In addition, the cushions are removable which makes cleaning them much easier maintaining a neat look on the wheelchair. It also features adjustable armrests which allow you to pull your weight to a comfortable position before setting out to the outdoors. The adjustable armrests also offer side access from the wheelchair allowing for convenient running of errands such as grocery shopping.

Like most popular and excellent performing power wheelchairs, this wheelchair also uses the powerful lithium-ion battery. It provides up to 13 miles of travel distance on a single charge which can be doubled by adding a second battery. This distance is pretty enough for running most errands and enjoying the outdoors in the neighborhood. In addition, this wheelchair features a Bluetooth remote control which allows you to control the wheelchair from anywhere. It also uses anti-tipper tires for increased safety making it one of the best power wheelchair for outdoor use.

6.Sentire Med Forza FCX Deluxe Fold Foldable Power Compact Mobility Aid Wheel Chair

Key features

  • Lightweight frame construction using durable reinforced aluminum.
  • Dual lithium batteries that provide up to 20 miles of driving distance.
  • Powerful brushless motors.
  • Anti-tip wheels for improved safety.
  • Dual posi-traction wheels for smooth rides even on rugged terrain.
  • Solid polyurethane tires.
  • Adjustable backrest height.
  • Seat belt, intelligent touch joystick controls and electromagnetic brake system.
  • Easily foldable.
  • FDA approved for air travel.
  • Storage bag and cup holder for added convenience.

Using dual lithium ion batteries, this wheelchair can do 20 miles of travelling per single charge making it desirable most outdoor activities. Its performance is also aided by the use of powerful brushless motors that offer excellent propulsion and require little maintenance. Moreover, this power wheelchair uses solid polyurethane wheels with dual position traction to offer smooth rides even n rugged terrain. The wheels also feature anti-tipper design which makes them safe for use even on rugged terrain.

This wheelchair is also lightweight and folds up pretty easily for storage and transportation. Its frame is made of durable reinforced aircraft grade aluminum offering the strength to carry up to 360 lbs. and yet remaining extremely lightweight. It is therefore much easier to carry to your car trunk or even airplane as this power wheelchair is FDA approved for air travel. It gives you unlimited areas you can use this wheelchair thus helping you regain your mobility and independence.

When it comes to comfort, this wheelchair also performs exceptionally well. The seat and back cushions are breathable and comfortable for long term use. The armrests are also adjustable to fit different body types for improved comfort when travelling. They also allow for side access which makes it much easier to carry personal errands. The other attractive feature about this wheelchair is the backrest height adjustment. This helps meet your comfort needs at different times a reason this wheelchair performs excellently as one of the best choices ever!

7.EZ Lite Cruiser – Standard Model – Personal Mobility Aid – Light Weight Folding Power Wheelchair

Key features

  • Lightweight yet durable frame construction.
  • Capacity to carry up to 264 lbs.
  • Easy to fold and unfold for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Powered by lithium-ion battery that provides up to 10 miles of travelling distance on a single charge.
  • Powerful brushless motor.
  • Adjustable armrests for improved access and convenient side access.
  • Non-marking wheels when used on floors and carpets.
  • Removable seat cover for easy cleaning.

This wheelchair is designed to improve personal mobility and deliver newfound independence and it really delivers beginning with its lightweight frame design. Weighing at just 44 lbs. and easy to fold and unfold, this wheelchair makes a convenient choice for travelling as you can easily load it to the trunk of your car with minimal help. It is also FDA approved for air travel and its weight makes to easier to carry on an airplane.

The lithium ion battery provides up to 10 miles of travelling distance on a single charge. There is also an option of adding a second battery which doubles the distance. It movement is also supported by the powerful brushless motor which offers an excellent performance compared to other motors. Further still, this power wheelchair uses solid polyurethane wheels eliminating worries of having punctures when outdoors. The wheels provide a smooth ride even on rugged terrain and are non-marking when used on floors and carpets.

Comfort wise, this power wheelchair is not left behind. It features a comfortable seat and backrest with breathable cushions. The seat cover is removable for easy cleaning. The adjustable armrests also play a great deal in improving comfort and allow for side access when running errands such as grocery shopping. Overall, this wheelchair is designed to deliver convenience, comfort and mobility and a simple and easy way making it also among our top choices.

What we liked most about these power wheelchairs is that they are more lightweight than traditional wheelchairs and yet come with more conveniences. They have also been designed to offer comfort and reliability; factors that make them easily stand out. The average distance this power wheelchairs cover on a single charge is 12 miles. This is sufficient for most people to enjoy the outdoors more as well as run personal errands. You can for example go grocery shopping or visit the farmers market in the neighborhood using one of these power wheelchairs. For example, the Sentire Med Forza power wheelchair as the capability of doing 20 miles on a single charge. This is pretty impressive as they are a lot of activities you can be able to do on a 20 mile circumference.

In a nutshell, these wheelchairs deliver freedom and independence which for some seemed impossible until they came around. Moreover, their comfortable seat, backrest, armrests and leg rests ensure that you get all the convenience without sacrificing your comfort and well-being. And since almost all of them are FDA approved for air travel, you can travel with them anywhere you wish and enjoy seeing the world. They are a great deal and you will definitely fall in love using one of these power wheelchairs.


Before you carry your new power wheelchair off the shelf or order one online, there are some features you need to look out for to ensure you are getting the best power wheelchair for outdoor use.

They include;


Power wheelchairs have been designed to solve mobility challenges. Therefore their weight plays a crucial role when choosing the best one for your needs. Traditional wheelchairs have been known to be heavier and therefore not easily portable. This made their use difficult especially when one needed to travel. For the power wheelchair, it is better to go for a lightweight option you can easily carry to your car trunk and even carry on the airplane. Lightweight wheelchairs are also easier to handle and store.


Power wheelchairs come with 3 different drive options; front, mid and rear. Front drive wheelchairs are easier to turn but move at lower speeds compared to the other two options. Mid drive wheelchairs have excellent turning capabilities with average speeds but can be unsteady when starting and stopping. They are not also ideal for rough terrain. On the other hand, rear drive wheelchairs are the most common and move at top speeds. However, their turning capability is poor than front and mid drive wheelchairs.

Battery type

Almost all power wheelchairs are battery powered which makes the type of battery you use an important consideration. AGM batteries are some of the best as they are maintenance free, leak-proof and shock resistant. They are also approved for air travel. Another type of batteries commonly used is gel batteries. These are also maintenance free, leak-proof and have a longer life cycle. They are also approved for air travel. Wet batteries are the cheapest option for power wheelchairs but need regular maintenance. They are also prone to leaking and are therefore not approved for air travel. The other and more popular type is the lithium-ion batteries. These are lightweight and provide long lasting energy than all the other types. They are also non-hazardous and are approved for air travel.


These are often taken for granted and overlooked but are essential for a number of reasons. To begin with, the armrests provide support and stability for the user. You can also use them to move your body into a more comfortable position making them an essential part for any wheelchair. Moreover, armrests help relieve pressure from the spine and therefore contributing to general wellbeing and improved posture.


These are commonly known as joysticks. They are the ones that drive the wheelchair to a particular direction. They are also responsible for starting, controlling the speed and stopping. There are 2 types of controllers currently in the market; integral and modular. The integral comes with all functions and components housed with the joystick. On the other hand, the modular controllers feature separate components for different functions.

Seating and leg rests

The seating design is pretty standard for most wheelchairs. However, some power wheelchairs will have a recline system or tilt design for maximum back support or to fit your particular needs. The same also applies to leg rests. They add to comfort and good health and it is important that you choose a design that fits your needs.


Wheels are also an important feature when it comes to choosing the best power wheelchair for outdoor use. There basically two types of wheels used with power wheelchairs; pneumatic tires and foam filled tires. Pneumatic tires offer smooth movement even on tough terrain but require regular maintenance. Foam filled tires on the other hand do not require any maintenance but offer uncomfortable and bumpy rides especially on rough terrain.

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