Best Night Fishing Lantern

Night fishing is one of the toughest jobs whether for fun or career. However, nothing beats the excitement of a successful fishing night.

Many tools come in handy, but one of the most essential is the source of lighting. With the advanced technology, you can get submersible night fishing lanterns as your main source of light. We have reviewed some of the best night fishing lanterns ranging from 200 hours of a single charge to 2,200 lumens output.

6 Best Night Fishing Lanterns 2020

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BATTERIES –This lantern uses rechargeable batteries which has a very long-time duration when the light is on.

It also uses 1.5V 3 D batteries which means that it saves a lot of energy

APPLICATION – It is waterproof and has ipx4 protection grade making appropriate for camping, hiking, fishing, and even in the garage. The lantern also is very suitable for hurricane and as an emergency survival kit and also fishing because it is waterproof.

Amazingly it has two hooks; one on top to hang the lantern and another at the base which is used to hang the lantern upside down so you can see on the ground very clearly. The lamp can be used in a lot of places where there is needed a lot of light because it provides a  360 degrees light angle.

BRIGHTNESS –the lantern has a lumen of 1000ML transforming it to a brighter choice. It also has 4 flash modes; daylight white, warm white, full brightness, and flash so you get to set the brightness you want.

If you want to dimmer the lights,  you short press the switch of the lantern to adjust the light from high to 1000ML, and when you want more brightness you long press.


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HOW TO USE THE LANTERN  -Using the light is as simple as pulling up and it lights up. To turn it off, it off just push it or collapse it  down and it shut   and by that you good to use it                                                                                     

BRIGHTNESS –the lantern gives a 360 degree of luminous light, and with a combination of individual  Chip of board[COB]  strips and 500lumens the light produced is insanely bright.

MAGNETIC BASE –this lantern has a magnetic base,3 magnetic in particular making suitable to stick it on ironwork or metal surface like in a garage 

USES –the lantern is very light In weight, waterproof, uses rechargeable batteries, and portable thus can be used in many places like night fishing, hiking, and emergencies.

ENERGY –the lantern has 3 individual chips of the board [COB] which is a new technology of LED light engine such that when these 3 COB are put together as one form of the lighting module, it saves a lot of energy. The lantern also uses 3VAA  batteries which when charged can light up for hours.


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BRIGHTER –The lantern has a CREE T6 LED meaning that is a  lantern lights with white light. With a 1000lumen, get assured of more brightness.

LIGHT MODES –the lantern has 5 light mode:

  • Spotlight mode
  • Left side  and right side red flashing which is used in places like repairing cars or reading and even fishing

WATERPROOF –the lantern is waterproof that makes it very useful in suitable for fishing and can also withstand rain and snow.

RECHARGEABLE AND  POWER BANK  –It is rechargeable and also has a 3600mAh power bank. The power bank and  USB cable provided with the lantern helps you charge other devices such as mobile phones.


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APPLICATION –the lantern is waterproof and lightweight making it ideal for fishing.

BRIGHTNESS – The lantern is made of  46 LED bulb in which 4 are white and 42 daylight white. This combination produces 1800 lumens translating to very high brightness.

LIGHT MODES – the lantern has 4 modes; daylight, warm light, both daylight, and warm light, and flash which are dimmable.

HANDLE –It has a slip-proof handle for easy hanging and handling.


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The most noticeable feature in this Tough light lantern is the long-lasting 6000mAh Li-ion battery. This unit holds a charge for more than 9 months when not in use, you only need to charge it twice a year and you will always be ready in case of emergencies.

With only a single charge, it lasts for than 15 hours of night light, SOS beacon light for 265 hours, and red hazard flashing for 526 hours. This is equivalent to buying 6250 “D” batteries!

It comes with an inbuilt military-grade rubber and plastic molds with O-rings making water-resistant. Amazingly, it handles a drop from five feet with no damage.


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Looking for a massively bright lantern? Look no further. This monster can illuminate a campsite, a trail, or even a backyard patio with a maximum of 1500 lumens.

This monster lantern can deliver up to five hours of non-stop cool-running. Be assured of you won’t be in darkness in case of emergencies( has a Tri-Strip LED lighting for your safety).

Another great feature is its ability to withstand any harsh weather such as rain or snow and even slippery and uneven surfaces. It is built with a strong plastic molded base.

It is also lightweight and portable and its top handle fits perfectly in your hand. Alternatively, it has a retractable base hook allowing the Internova Monster to hang reliably inverted from a tree, hook, tent pole, or a stand.

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