Best Rated Under Cabinet Puck Lights

The use of LED lights have significantly increased over the years.The invention of puck lights that can be easily mounted on the surface is such a great milestone for kitchen cabinets.

This lights have a run time of over 100 hours and are dimmable. If you need to bring a little light to your kitchen,then use these 6 Best rated under cabinet puck lights.

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Automatic timing function – while using this product you can set the time the power should be off. The time can be a duration of 10 minute, 20 minute, and 25 minutes just any time you want to set thus helping you to save energy

COLOUR – The light comes with a variety of colors; red, blue, green, white but has jump, flash and gradient which can display other 16 colors you can desire or can fit your décor.

REMOTE AND MANUAL CONTROL – the product comes with 2 remote controls  which you can choose to control lighting mode ,color ,brightness and also switching the lights on or off.

INSTALLATION- installing the lights is super easy, you just need a flat smooth surface and stick your light on it.

WIDE APPLICATION- the lights can be used in a variety of places like in cabinet, bookshelves, display case, staircase. It has 70 lumens thus not so to bright, friendly to your eyes.


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WIDE APPLICATION –this puck lights are made of aluminum alloy fixture and acryl diffusor which make it attractive to place anywhere; kitchen, cabinet, garage just anywhere you want. It also has a stable performance with brightness .It is also so light so you can stick anywhere without bringing anything down

SENSOR SWITCH  –The sensor touch make it easier  to use the light ,you can switch on or off the light without fumbling around for the lights ,just plug the power adapter into the switch side of the light bar to enjoy the  touch button.

INSTALLATION –it so easy to install the lights -you can screw or stick or tape them to the surface you want to them

LIGHTING MODES –the product has 2 lighting modes, plug the power adapter into the switch side of the light bar to enjoy the switch modes.

The light also have 1000 lumens meaning it is brighter but not too bright and not so cold or hot (3000k )


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WIDE APPLICATION-this unit comes with a lot of puck light that can be added  whenever needed so you can use the light at different places  at the same time .It  also have blinking mode so it very useful in matters of displaying  products  like in a wine rack ,wine cellars wardrobes ,bar counters

REMOTE –The product  come with a wireless RF remote  that control different sets  connected by different pucks of the under cabinet lighting .To control them just turn on all the cabinet led light then press light button until all puck lights shines

INSTALLATION –the light can be plugged on the surface or hardwire it 

SAFETY –the product is UL listed, it uses 100VAC-240Vac, 12V output so it is safe to touch even if it is lighting.

DIMMABLE-the brightness can be controlled using the remote; on and off .It has dimming capability of 0%-100%


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DIMMER SWITCH –the light has 10 levels of brightness and has a dimming capability of 10%-100% .It has a dimmer switch to adjust brightness.

SAFETY –This puck light is made of aluminium which can effectively conduct out heat so as to prolong the lifespan of the product and prevent rusting and corroding. It uses AC power adapter which is certified and an output of 12V which is low. They use quality chips that ensure better brightness, heat dissolution and life span.

INSTALLATION-there are 2 ways to install the light; screw it or make a hole to hold them into the cabinet

ENERGY SAVING –the light uses only 3w which is a very low considered to other puck lights

APPLICATION –the light can be used in a lot of places like kitchen , wardrobe ,bookcase shelf  closet  because it is more brighter  -one puck has   300lumen which means by having six packs is a total of 1800 lumens thus more brightness .


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DIMMABLE- this puck light has a dimming capability of 50%-100% .It also comes 2 color temperature; cool white and warm white so you get to choose you want .It also has 55 lumen so it is also not too bright.

With semitransparent lens on the beam you also get to enjoy smooth lighting.

AUTOMATIC TIMING FUNCTION-It has the ability to set the time on and off, saving you a lot of energy.

INSTALLATION –It is so simple; just twist the back so as to remove the back, put the 3 AA batteries .Then stick or screw the light on the surface you want and you are good to go.

REMOTE – This puck light comes with a wireless remote for easy controlling.

VARIETY APPLICATION –Because of it lightness in weight  and it simple application it can be put in many places just anywhere you want it to be without getting to break the surface you want to install it


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COLORS –the light can change into 16 colors, adjusting into 10 modes of brightness.

REMOTE AND MANUAL CONTROL –the light can be controlled using 24 key IR control remote or by just a press of a button.

INSTALLATION –It is so simple to install them just stick the lights on the surface by use of tape or you can stick the light on the iron because they are made of magnet

THE LIGHT DIRECTION – the light can be adjusted to different directions.

RECHANGABLE –this RGB wireless light comes a long with 1000mAH batteries which are rechargeable and have a long life.

DIMMABLE –the puck light brightness can also be dimmed to the level of your choice.

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