Best Recessed Light Conversion Kit

Recessed Light Conversion Kit converts can light into hanging lights, ceiling light fixtures, and other decorative lighting.

Most of these kits adjust to any can size between “4” and “6”.Looking to transform existing recessed light into a chandelier, pendant light, or other lighting effects?

Here are the 6 Best Recessed Light Conversion Kit

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Dimmable -it has the capability of dimming which is between 100%-10 % making if fit to any mood or decor

The product has baffle trim recessed lighting fixtures which gives off sunlight -like quality for true color rendering. The trim is a metal with a smooth clean paint and spring clip that are sufficient to firmly hold the trim in the can.

 It has a very wide flood Beam Angle that allows it to light a larger area with soft light. The product is UL-certified and Energy star listed. It upholds the highest standards for all products by testing each product for optional performance and safety

Its’ light has a lumen of 660 thus not too bright or dime. With 3000kelvin, it is not too hot or cold.

It is simple to install; connect the downlight to the can through E26 adapter then attach its clip to the interior of the can, pull the trim through the mounting clip to allow them to mount up to the fixture. Push until the outer edge is flush with the ceiling.


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This Ultra-thin led recessed light product is IC rated making the junction box thermally protected and compatible with dimer

High brightness – the light uses the generation of LED chips with a higher lumen and lower power compared to the use of halogen

Easy to install- Cut a hole in the ceiling with a 1:1 hole template then connect the Junction box to the cable. Finally use a spring clip to fix it on the ceiling

Wide application -it can be used in many places especially those damp location, in the kitchen bathroom, and corridors

It meets the standard of ETI and Energy standard. It has been certified by ETL and Energy star of a high standard.

It uses high -quality LED chips, up to 1050 lm, illuminating every place in your house. The high color rendering efficiency shows true colors to protect your eyes against irritation by light.

It can also fit in the various ceiling and around joists because it has a body size of 0.47 inches and requires a 2 inches ceiling space

Dimmable -it is compatible with most dimmers and damps location because of its smooth dimming of 5% -100%


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The Parmida is easy to install as it comes with teeth-like grips that are easy to install and secure. It can also be installed into any 5/6 inches recessed housing cans

Dimmable -it has a dimming capability of 100%-0% giving you much control. It is compatible with most LED dimmers to give you a smooth light.

It has a battle trim design which is ribbed to efficiently shape the light downward. The trim can be painted with any paint to fit any décor

Quality and safety assured -the lights are ETL- listed and FCC compliant meaning they are both energy-efficient and reliable. The product is UL damp location certified and uses a 12w LED for energy saving.

Durability -it is made with durable polycarbonate construction and DOB led technology


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This product has a unique patented design that enables you to transform existing recessed lighting into a pendant or other light fixtures. The fixtures can be of 50-pounds or less where you currently have recessed lighting as it has a feature of mounting hardware which help to carry the weight

The converter has a medium base adapter which fits many existing recessed cans  of a medium base of PAR16, PAR20, PAR 30, PAR38, R16, R20, R40, BR25, BR 38, BR 40 light bulbs

It is easy to install because of its different features like;

  • It patented brace can adjust to any size between 4 and 6
  • It can fit in a standard base sockets
  • It can be used on sloped ceilings up to 45degress  
  • It has a diameter of 1.48 and a diameter of 6
  • There are no visible screws

It has a decorative medallion which can be painted hence it can fit in any decor

With all these features it is easy to use/install as it is easy as changing a light bulb

The product can be used outdoor as long as you are converting the light


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This LED light has 5 inches initially but can be adjusted to 6 inches making it suitable for new constructions as well as retrofit fixtures.

It has smooth dimming capabilities which can vary from 100 %-20% with modern LED dimmers.

The light has a lumen count of 970 lumens and 3000kelvin.

The product has been certified complied with safety measures.

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