Best Tool Bags For Carpenters

Carpentry as craft often involves the use of multiple tools at ago.

However, it sometimes becomes hectic as a carpenter to keep track of the tools you need which may slow down your work. That is, if you don’t yet have a tool bag to organize your tools effectively.

Tool bags are designed to keep your tools handy, secure and safe which makes your work even much easier. Some carpenters use tool boxes to hold their tools but they are not as effective as tool bags when it comes to portability and moving around.

The 6 Best Tool Bags For Carpenters

Having seen why tool bags are an important accessory to any carpenter, we are providing you with a review of the 6 best tool bags for carpenters. These are tool bags that offer great organization for your tools while also protecting them from damage and loss. They include;

1.DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framer’s Combo Apron Tool Belt and Yoke-style Suspenders

The features that make this tool bag a great choice include;

  • This tool bag features adjustable suspenders for comfortable fitting and even weight distribution.
  • It has 20 pockets that can hold an array of tools, nails and other carpentry accessories. 9 pockets are large while the rest are smaller pockets.
  • Its belt is padded to offer additional wearing comfort.
  • Can fit on waist sizes ranging from 29” to 46”.

The benefits of using this tool bag for organization include;

  • With 9 large pockets and over 10 small compartments, this tool bag provides a lot of organization for most of your tools making them easily accessible.
  • The adjustable suspenders and padded belt make this too bag comfortable to wear and use even for day long projects

This tool bag is designed to have your tools handy with you even when you are on the move.

It fits comfortably on most people and comes with the option for adjustable fitting.

Moreover, this tool bag features a number of compartments and pockets to hold as many tools and equipment as possible and thus tops our list of the Best Tool Bags For Carpenters

2.Style n Craft 98434 17 Pocket Top Grain 4 Piece Pro-Framers Combo

The features that make this tool bag a great choice includes;

  • Heavy duty leather belt that has been oiled and nylon threaded that makes it extremely durable for daily use.
  • It has a double pouch design and comes with 17 pockets that are capable of holding a wide array of tools.
  • It is designed to fit comfortably on waist sizes of 34” to 46”.
  • Its rivets come with caps for additional safety.

The benefits of using this tool bag include;

  • With 17 pockets, this tool bag can hold as many tools as possible at ago freeing your hands and saving you precious time to work in your projects.
  • Its buckle design allows for comfortably fitting on almost anybody.
  • The caps on the rivets allow for safe storage and access to your tools.

This is basically a working tool bag. With 17 pockets, you can carry around you the most important tools, accessories and equipment to work on your project thus saving a lot of time. This tool bag also helps stay organized while at the same time providing additional safety when using especially sharp tools.

3.Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat

The features that make this tool bag an excellent choice include;

  • It is adjustable and fits on waist sizes from 32” to 41”.
  • This tool bags also features pre-installed D-rings to use with suspension systems.
  • It also comes in either left or right hand design to promote working rhythm for everybody.
  • It has up to 24 pockets that provide sufficient number of tools and other carpentry accessories.

The benefits of using this tool bags includes;

  • This tool bag comes with an adjustable belt for comfortable fitting on most waist sizes.
  • The 24 pockets allow you to carry around as many tools as you want for any project saving you much time.
  • Its design allows for customizing for both left and right handed people thus promoting working rhythm.

With 24 pockets, this is one tool bag that is designed to hold as many tools as possible and allow you to work on your project uninterrupted.

It also allows for proper organization of your tools for easy and safe access. Additionally, this tool bag is adjustable to comfortably fit on waist size ranging from 31” to 41” and can thus be used by anybody working in your workshop.

4.Jackson Palmer Professional Comfort-Rig Tool Belt With Suspenders

The features that make this tool bag a great choice include;

  • This tool bag is built to last with its reinforced stitching and iron buckles.
  • It also features padded chest and back straps for comfortable wearing.
  • In addition, this tool bag has 5 connection points for even weight distribution to reduce backache and strain from carrying your tools around.
  • Its fits a wide array of waist sizes from 30” to 50”.
  • It comes with a number of pockets with different sizes for better tool organization.

The benefits of using this tool bag include;

  • It saves you plenty of time to work on your projects by organizing your tools in an easily accessible manner.
  • It helps increase safety in your work place by having your tools organized.
  • It is comfortable to wear and it’s even weight distribution helps reduce strain when working.

Just like many other tool bags, this one also offers a number of storage pockets that are tool specific helping you stay organized.

It is highly durable with workmanship and materials making it ideal for everyday use. Moreover, the padded straps and 5 connection points allow for even weight distribution and comfortable wearing of this tool bag.

5.CLC Custom Leathercraft 5605 Professional Carpenters Combo Tool Belt

The features that make this tool bag among the best choices include;

  • It has 18 pockets that provide sufficient storage for your most used tools and accessories including nails.
  • This tool bag is totally versatile with its parts being interchangeable and removable.
  • An adjustable handle allows for easy carrying and storage of this tool bag.
  • This tool bag is also made from heavy duty poly fabric that makes it durable and can withstand everyday use.
  • Its belt is padded for comfortable wearing as well.

The benefits of using this tool bag include;

  • Its 18 pockets allow you to carry as many tools as possible for a specific project helping you save time.
  • Its versatile design that allows for removal of some parts enables you to reduce the weight and bulkiness when you need to use only a few tools.

This tool bag is also made from heavy duty materials that can withstand daily use without wearing out.

This tool bag is also another excellent choice for any carpenter who needs to have an organized workshop. It allows you to move around with the tools you need for a project saving you precious time and effort.

Moreover, this tool bag is adjustable and comfortable to wear giving ample time to work on your project.

6.Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo w/Pro-Comfort Back Support Belt.

The features that make this tool bag an excellent choice include;

  • It features an adjustable sizing to fit on most waist sizes.
  • This tool bag also features an air channel design that makes it breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • It is built with heavy duty materials that can withstand everyday use.
  • The pockets have a box design which helps prevent sagging when they are holding tools.

The benefits of using this tool bag include;

  • Its adjustable sizing allows for comfortable wearing and fitting.
  • The air channel technology helps prevent sweating when using this tool bag.
  • This tool bag is also extremely durable having been made with heavy duty materials.

In addition to providing sufficient space to hold your tools, this tool bag goes the extra mile to ensure your comfort as well. It is adjustable to fit on any waist size and comes with a padded and breathable belt that provides comfort and prevents sweating. Moreover, this tool bag is made with heavy duty materials that can handle everyday use.

When it comes to carpentry, you need more than skills to have a successful craft. One of the tools you will find handy is a tool bag since you will need to work with tools almost all the time.

Having a tool bag like the Occidental leather tool bag that has more than sufficient space for your tools and nails will make your work much easier. These Best Tool Bags For Carpenters also help you save time and also promote a safe working environment and you definitely should have one of these.

Best Tool Bags For Carpenters Buying Guide

Some other additional advantages of using tool bags as opposed tool boxes for your work include;

  • They are not rigid and as such take up less space than tool boxes would take.
  • They are lightweight which makes moving around with them easier.
  • The tool bags are malleable and are therefore not easily damaged when dropped on the ground
  • They expand to offer additional space for more tools.
  • The straps help free your hands allowing you to work on your projects more.

Some few disadvantages include;

  • Tool bags don’t offer much protection to the tools as tool boxes do.
  • They also don’t offer effective organization for your tools.

How to use your tool bag

Storing your tools properly guarantees that they last longer and are not exposed to damage or loss like when they are left to lay around.

Tool bags feature much bigger internal pockets, multiple small pockets as well as external pockets to hold tools of different sizes.

However, these pockets don’t always provide the best organization for your tools. As such, some people resort to chucking their tools into any compartments which can lead to disorganization, loss or damage of tools.

Additionally, it can lead to waste of time trying to find the right tool from the pack if they are not organized.


For your tool bag to be effectively organized, you need to implement the concept of First-order retrievability.

This is basically organizing your tools in a way that you never have to move a tool in order to get another one. This leads to a more efficient and faster working on your projects.

Furthermore, implementing this kind of organization for your tool bag ensures that every tool inside is not only visible but also easy to access.

The compartments inside the tool bag also offer much help in organizing your tools to make sure each and every tool is upright and easy to access as well.

Great organization is what makes tool bags a great choice for carpentry tools as they free your hands while also providing easy and instant access to the tools you most need.

We are confident we have provided you with a buyers guide for your next best Tool Bags For Carpenters.

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