Best Tool For Cutting Tall Grass

When it comes to tall grass and overgrown bushes, you need a special tool to trim and edge them perfectly to maintain the neat look of your garden.

There are a number of tools that do this job perfectly but to get the right one for your needs, you need to know what to look for.

Recently, there has been developed of battery powered grass shears more like electric lawn mowers but still the number of traditional grass shears is still high and they remain the best.

The 6 Best Tool For Cutting Tall Grass

Having looked at the most important features you need to consider before choosing a tool for cutting tall grass, we are confident that you can now make a better choice and get value for your money.

In addition, we are providing with a review of 6 of the best tool for cutting tall grass to make your work even much easier. They include;

1.Gardena 8885-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears

The features that make this an excellent choice includes;

  • Powerful lithium ion batteries that provide high power for great cutting results.
  • The batteries are rechargeable which reduces the operating costs.
  • It offers up to 45 minutes of grass cutting time more than enough to cut a whole average home lawn.
  • Its blade is of high quality and easily replaceable with no tools required.
  • It also features an LED display that shows the battery’s charge status.
  • Comes with a charger and blade protection.

The benefits of using this grass shear include;

  • The use f powerful lithium batteries not only provides sustained cutting power but also reduces the operating and maintenance expenses when using this grass shear as the batteries are rechargeable.
  • This grass shear has been designed with a high quality, yet easily replaceable blade which ensures minimum disruption should you have to replace the blade when working.
  • With up to 45 minutes of operation and an LED display of the battery status, this grass shear allows you to plan your work more efficiently.

This is the tool you need when you have to deal with shrubs and tall grass effectively.

With a high quality blade and a powerful rechargeable battery, this shear gives an excellent performance when it comes to cutting lawn edges, trimming and pruning shrubs and bushes in your garden or lawn.For this reason,it tops our list of the best tool for cutting tall grass.

2.Fiskars 36 Inch Long-Handle Swivel Grass Shears

The features that make this grass shear a great choice include;

  • It has a design that makes it ideal for trimming and edging.
  • Its long shaft helps reduce fatigue as it eliminates kneeling and bending.
  • 360 degrees blade swivel makes it easy to trim from any angle.
  • The 4 ½” – blade helps hold grass for a much cleaner cut.

The benefits of using this grass shear include;

  • It offers a clean cut that not only makes it ideal for edging and trimming but also promotes healthy growth of your grass and bushes.
  • This grass shear has also been designed with a long shaft for effortless trimming and edging.
  • The fact that the blade swivels at 360 degrees also makes it easier to trim with this shear from any angle and can be therefore used for beautifying your bushes.

The long shaft and 360 degree blade swivel are some of the features that set this grass shear apart making it ideal for trimming and edging.

Moreover, this shears come with ergonomically designed handles that make handling and use of this grass shears more comfortable. You are likely to get more and better results using this grass shears when trimming and edging bushes in your garden or lawn.

3.BERGER Tools 2200 Grass shear

The features that make this grass shear a great choice include;

  • Its design allows for effortless use by both right and left handed users.
  • Its blades are chromium-plated and self-sharpening offering a continuous and reliable cutting performance.
  • The blades are also coated with anti-adhesive and therefore cuttings don’t stick or clog the cutting blades.
  • It is made of all metallic parts to last for a lifetime.

The benefits of using this grass shears include;

  • It has been designed and manufactured to last for a lifetime with its all metal parts.
  • This grass shears are also self-sharpening and therefore offer reliable performance and clean cuts at all times.
  • Its unique design to allow for effortless use by both right and left handed people making it a great tool for use by everybody.

This is one of the most effective grass shears you can have as part of your gardening collection. They have been built to last and offer clean cuts for a lifetime with their self-sharpening blades.

In addition, this grass shears are comfortable to handle and use and therefore reduce fatigue even when working for long hours trimming and edging grass and bushes around your home.

4.Keyfit Tools SOD Knife Stainless Steel Blade Sod Cutter

The features that make this grass cutter another great choice include;

  • A long blade made of stainless steel and with sharp serrations that make it ideal for cutting sod.
  • Its handle is also provides a comfortable grip for easier cutting.
  • Made of stainless steel, this sod cutter is also designed to last for a lifetime while delivering clean cuts at all times.

The benefits of using this sod cutter include;

  • The sharp serrations allow for clean sod cutting even around other lawn equipment such as around sprinklers.
  • Its stainless steel construction guarantees a lifetime of use with this sod cutter.

With its super sharp serrated blades, this grass shear is designed for use with sod. It comes with a long blade and a comfortable handle that allows for effortless cutting of sod even around garden equipment such as sprinklers or when you need to repair dog spots.

5.OTSUMAMI TOKYO Handy Sized Grass Sickle

The features that make this grass cutter a great choice include;

  • Its blade is super sharp which makes weeding and cutting grass much easier.
  • The twisted shank adds to the durability of this weeding sickle.
  • Additionally, this sickle is made from high carbon steel which adds to its durability and lasting sharpness.
  • It also features a wooden grip for more comfortable handling.

The benefits of using this weeding sickle include;

  • Lasting sharpness as a result of the carbon steel construction eliminates down time you could basically spend to sharpen other tools.
  • This weeding sickle is also extremely durable so you won’t have to replace it in the near future.
  • The wooden handle makes it comfortable and use for long periods without suffering blisters.

If you need the perfect tool to weed raised beds then this is the right choice for you. Featuring a super sharp, self-sharpening blade this sickle gets the work done much faster and easily. Moreover, it is extremely durable and therefore you can expect to pass it down to future generations.

6.TABOR TOOLS Hedge Shears

The features that make this grass shears a great choice include;

  • Its handles are strong and telescopic to provide an extended reach.
  • Wavy blades made of carbon steel which deliver clean cuts.
  • This shears also features shock-absorbing bumpers that reduce vibrations when cutting helping reduce shoulder and arm fatigue.
  • The blade tension can also be adjusted for use with different types of plants.

The benefits of using this grass shears include;

These shears provide clean and clear cuts making them ideal for trimming and edging.

They are also designed to reduce fatigue with the shock-absorbing bumpers that reduce vibrations when cutting.

These shears can also be used with different types of plants by simply adjusting the blade tension.

This shears have a unique design that makes them ideal for most trimming and edging chores. What are attractive about this shears are the telescopic handles and vibration reducing shock-absorbers. They deliver clean cuts and their steel body guarantees a lifetime of use. It is definitely a great choice.

Trimming and edging is one of the most common chores you will have to do from time to time on your lawn. Therefore, you need a robust and reliable grass shear to deal with overgrown grass and bushes.

These best tools for cutting grass are the ideal choice when it comes to trimming and edging. We strongly recommend the Tabor tools hedge shears because they combine performance with comfort to ensure you work tirelessly to keep your lawns and gardens looking neat.

Buying Guide

We will look at the features you need to check out in a grass shear before deciding on the best tool for cutting tall grass suited for your need.


Grass shears will normally require more power than normal grass cutter. However, when we talk of power here we are referring to the power provided by the motor to turn the blade and in turn cut the grass.

It is important that if you go for an electric grass shear, it have a powerful motor to cut through grass and trim brushes cleanly. There are versions of electric shears that use rechargeable batteries. They should also offer ample running time to trim and edge your lawns without any interruptions to recharge your shear.


Blades are the ones responsible for cutting grass and trimming brushes and edges. A good shear will have blades made from highly quality materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel.

Moreover, the blades should be easy to replace and sharpen if they are to do clean cuts. Some high quality grass shears feature self-sharpening blades which makes them highly effective and desirable when it comes to trimming and edging. Additionally, some blades will have anti-adhesive coat which prevents the cuttings from clogging the blades and thus improving their performance.


Grass shears are handheld and therefore utilize the use of arms and shoulders to trim and edge brushes and grass. The handle therefore is an important part of the grass shear as it determines the level of comfort and ease of use.

The best handle should have an ergonomic design to reduce fatigue. Some high quality shears will also feature shock-absorbers on the handle that help reduce vibrations and allow for faster trimming. Additionally, longer handles are more preferable as they provide extended reach enabling to trim tall brushes and lawns more comfortably.

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